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Get busy living, one step at a time

What is life? It may seem like a provocative question, because it probably is. Given how deep one wishes to go, you might simply respond with “this is life”, how we live each and every day. We could simply leave it at that and return to our day-to-day activities.
There are many definitions of life, and we will leave that for you to explore, but how a woman lives and views her life can keep her healthy or put her at risk for health problems.
Welcome to The Women’s Resource Group. Our mission is to provide information regarding a multitude of topics and resources available, driven by you the readers. Our writers and contributors, will share their personal, and professional knowledge and experiences to enhance your life. Life is fluid, and how you perceive and react to it is “your life”.
So you can, Change Your Story, Change Your Perception, Change Your Life.

It’s officially fall, Let’s Enjoy the Season!

Our writers explore some ideas for Seasonal Fun!


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