Cord Blood Stem Cells Evaluated for Eczema Treatment

Researchers evaluating stem cell eczema treatments derived from umbilical cord blood have conducted the first study of its kind with positive results.Researchers evaluating stem cell eczema treatments derived from umbilical cord blood have conducted the first study of its kind with positive results. Further, this clinical application demonstrates another step forward in leveraging the tremendous potential for future stem cell treatments.

Stem Cells Derived from Cord Blood Evaluated for Eczema Treatment

Researchers in the Seoul National University, in partnership with Seoul St Mary’s Hospital have been conducting an umbilical cord blood stem cell eczema treatment study. In this study, the team has been analyzing the potential impact and benefits for individuals with more serious cases of atopic dermatitis, also known as eczema.

Research Approach & Results

The research team established a pool of candidates which was comprised of 34 patients. The patients received one of two treatments. Patients were either injected with a low dosage or a high dosage of stem cells directly under the skin.

The clinical trial resulted in doctors observing a 50% decrease in the affected area for just over 50% of the patients tested. These results were 12-weeks after the stem cell treatment took place. Further, the team observed that immune markers consistent with eczema had also decreased.

“This study is a first-in-class study demonstrating that adults with moderate-to-severe atopic dermatitis responded to a treatment of stem cells derived from umbilical cord blood,” – Dr. Tae-Yoon Kim

Future of Stem Cell Eczema Treatment

There is no current cure for eczema and unfortunately the treatments provide inconsistent results. According to the National Eczema Association, those treatments are messy, don’t work, too costly, or provide unwanted side effects. Based on these observations, a new approach is needed if progress is going to happen.

While this study was the first of its kind for eczema; but opens the door to future possibilities. Finally, these observations do not necessarily establish a new standard for stem cell eczema treatment; however it does reveal the vast potential derived from umbilical blood stem cell collection and research.

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