10 Eco-Friendly Halloween Tips


Happy HalloweenWalk down the aisles of any retail or discount store and it becomes readily visible that being eco-friendly during Halloween is going to be a challenge. The aisles are littered with a wasteland of single use products made from materials that cannot be recycled. All of those products take their toll on your wallet and the environment. We’re here to tell you that an eco-friendly Halloween is very doable.

To makes things a little easier, we have assembled a few tips to get your eco-friendly Halloween off right. You certainly don’t need to do all of them; but each one you check off the list is another step towards a more sustainable world.

10 Eco-Friendly Halloween Tips.

  1. Eco-friendly Halloween costumes: Many costumes are made from polyvinyl chloride (PVC). This includes many of the masks which means your little ones are breathing in a steady dose of those VOCs while they are out having fun trick-or-treating. Look for costumes and masks made from natural materials instead.
  2. Reuse a costume: Recycle a costume from a prior year, swap with someone you know or hit up the thrift store to find a costume rather than buying new.
  3. Eco-friendly Halloween makeup: Halloween makeup has consistently tested positive for everything from lead to cobalt(the same as so many other personal care products). Instead seek out eco-friendly Halloween makeups. Finding organic products is your best bet.
  4. Make homemade blood: If you’re looking to recreate your favorite The Walking Dead character, you should consider making your own fake blood. Check out wikiHow for their tips on how to make this ghoulish treat!
  5. Get more from your Pumpkins: Don’t just hollow them out for a carving. Start by purchasing organic pumpkins, and then be sure to save and roast your seeds. This is a great family activity. And finally use this as your opportunity to make homemade pumpkin pie!
  6. Use eco-friendly Halloween candles: Use beeswax or soy candles to help build your festive mood. It’s a great way to celebrate without realizing the harmful chemicals in other candles.
  7. Use LED Lights: If lighting is your thing, then be sure to use LED lights. They offer a tremendous benefit and reduced energy consumption over conventional lighting.
  8. Halloween products & decorations take their toll on your wallet and the environment. An eco-friendly Halloween can be done - Go Green this Halloween!Give organic Halloween treats: Yes, this is a real thing! There are many more options for healthy candy than what you find at your local store. The folks at Equal Exchange, for example, have an outstanding selection of certified organic and fair trade candies. They use only the finest ingredients to assemble an outstanding assortment of chocolate products. They didn’t pay us to say that, we just love what they do.
  9. Donate your excess candy: If you find yourself with too much candy the day after Halloween, then donate some of it to one of several worthy causes. There are many fine options – check them out below.
  10. Don’t buy disposable trick-or-treat bags: Instead repurpose your reusable canvas shopping bag for an eco-friendly Halloween tip.

Eco-Friendly Halloween Candy Donation Options.

Whatever you do this Halloween, remember to stay safe and leave the world in a better place than where you found it. If you live in an area that does trick-or-treating at night, be sure to take a flashlight with rechargeable batteries!


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