Essential Oils for Yoga Practitioners

Get More out of Yoga With Essential Oils

We are learning more all the time about the benefits of using essential oils. They can be used for just about Instructor And Customers Practicing Yoga Exercise In Gymany purpose, from relaxation, to health care, to house cleaning. Here, we suggest some useful oils for people that practice yoga.


– Bergamot has bright citrusy scent. Combine a few drops of Bergamot in a roller bottle and dilute with a carrier oil such as coconut, jojoba, grapeseed, olive, or almond oil. Roll this onto your chest before your practice to energize your mind and reduce anxiety. You can also just rub onto your hands and cup them over your nose and mouth to get a very good inhale.


– Peppermint is known for its invigorating and cooling qualities. Add a few drops to your water bottle. It will help your body to feel cooler. It also has digestive benefits, including reducing gas… which can be useful when you’re bending your digestive tract in every which way.

Tea Tree

– Tea tree oil is a natural antibacterial and antifungal essential oil. Fill a 2-3 oz. spray bottle with water, add a few drops of Tea Tree Oil and spray it on your yoga mat at the end of practice. It’s easy to keep with you and helps keep your mat clean and fresh.


– This essential oil has an uplifting, earthy scent that’s ideal for grounding and spiritual intuition. You can use a few drops directly on your skin, perhaps at wrists and ankles before you take your Savasana at the end of your practice.

White FirEssential Oils

– This oil has that brisk, pine scent so many of us love. It’s very invigorating to the sense. You can rub a few drops directly into any sore spots after your practice. You can always combine it with a lotion to massage, or drop some in a bath.
As with any essential oils, test your skin for sensitivities before applying and consult a doctor if you are pregnant.

Using essential oils in combination with your yoga practice can help you mentally and physically. If you are practicing at home, any of these oils can be used in a diffuser for a useful and invigorating aromatic experience as well. While I don’t recommend trying them all in one class, because everything is better in moderation, I do think you should try each and see what you benefit the most from. Each of our bodies is unique and will find greater strength in certain oils over others.


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