Sustainable Living

Reduce Reuse Recycle is a sustainable way families can get more from the products they purchase. It's also better for the environment.
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What is Green Living?

Green living is a lifestyle that recognizes that the decisions we make regarding the products or services we consume have an impact on the health of our lives.

Green living is achieved through a number of factors including:

  • Foods we eat
  • Products we use in our homes
  • How we Reduce our consumption
  • How we find unique ways to Reuse products
  • How we Recycle materials once we are done with them

You don’t need to install solar panels to have a green lifestyle. While that may help, the little decisions made throughout the day can have just as significant an impact.

Sustainability Explained

Sustainability is the primary driver behind green living. By using a sustainability mindset, you can make decisions that satisfy the short and long term needs.

Further, sustainability is not limited to the environment. It’s a much more comprehensive concept than that. Sustainability is the balance between three attributes.

  1. Environment: The environment is the Earth and all the interrelated process, habitats / ecosystems, and the atmosphere. To make sustainable decisions, it is necessary to understand relationships between these pieces.

  2. Social Equity: The comfort, health, and security of those people producing products. This also includes fundamental liberties such as access to education systems, healthcare, real employment, social justice, and a fair government. The Fair Trade movement was established to facilitate awareness and improves social responsibility for products or services purchased.

  3. Economics: Is the supply, demand, and exchange of goods or services. Sustainable applications to economics require longer-term views than has traditionally taken place.

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