Make Your Own Natural Window Cleaner

Looking for a Natural Window Cleaner?

Natural Window CleanerLet’s face it, windows need to be cleaned. That doesn’t mean you need to go get noxious and in many cases toxic chemicals to get the job done. You can achieve the same shining results without the harsh chemicals and VOCs in your home and in the air.

Head to the kitchen and reach for these all natural ingredients for your own home-made and natural window cleaner. All you need to get the job done is some distilled white vinegar and water. Don’t like the smell of vinegar – add some lemon juice if you want to give it that fresh smell you’ve grown used to.

Steps to Make Your Own Natural Window Cleaner

So let’s keep this simple and get rid of those concerns with getting the mixture right. To make this work, the recipe is as simple as combining one part of distilled white vinegar with one part water. Put those two ingredients into your favorite spray bottle and you’re ready to go.

But My Glass is Too Dirty

Are you concerned that your natural glass window cleaner isn’t going to be able to handle the buildup of grime on the glass? If you find yourself with an extreme case of filth on your glass, then start with a generous wash of soapy water. Once you’ve removed the excess material, switch to your homemade natural window cleaner and finish the job. A dash of lemon juice will help to wipe out any lingering grease spots.

Once you’ve finished the job with your natural glass cleaner, you should find yourself with a streak-free finish that is sure to impress the in-laws.

We hope this natural glass cleaner tip helps you create or build a more eco-friendly home. Where you start is up to you – don’t be intimidated by the journey. What is most important is that you take that next step.

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