Rotator Cuff Injuries Potentially Healed Using Stem Cells

A team of researchers from Sanford Health are seeking to understand how stem cells can be used to repair rotator cuff injuries.

Rotator Cuff Injuries Potentially Healed Using Stem CellsThe Sanford researchers are looking to use patient’s own stem cells to repair rotator cuff tears. This study is designed to use stem cells harvested from adipose tissue and demonstrates yet another application of the cells remarkable potential.

According to Daniel Kota, assistant researcher in the study, patients are being selected based on their limited options. These individuals have no meaningful treatment choice except for steroids which has no real healing affect.

Sanford Health is in the early stages of identifying candidates for the trial. Once the patients are identified, trials will begin.

Through the course of treatment, Sanford intends to monitor stem cell movement within patients, a common challenge seen in these kind of studies.

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